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What Does New Build Warranty Cover?

A new build warranty is for newly built homes or converted properties and is a 10-year insurance policy. The warranty is designed to ensure that the developer of the property is responsible for repairing any defects found on or in the property. You might assume that a new building property would have fewer defects than an older building. However, this is not always the case. You can often find that you will encounter a few problems within the first few years of living in a new build home. 


The developer of the property should confirm and arrange the new build warranty before the sale is completed. Here at Home Snagging UK, we offer professional snagging reports for those wanting to buy a new build property. Our aim is to achieve higher-level snagging reports on issues that are usually out of sight to ensure our inspection report covers every fine detail. Therefore, giving you all the information you need before you decide to complete the sale. 


What Does New Build Warranty Cover? 

New-built homes have become increasingly popular over the years with approximately 36,863 new homes registered with NHBC in the first quarter of 2021. However, despite these houses being new, some homeowners are still encountering defects that their new build warranty will be required to amend. Your deposit is the first thing that your new build warranty will cover, once contracts have been exchanged. This is done to cover your deposit if the developer is to shut down or not complete your home. Your warranty provider will reimburse your deposit if this was to occur. 


In the first two years of you owning the property the developer is required to resolve any problems and fix any defects that are found, such as issues with a poorly sealed window or heating. This is known as a Defects Insurance period, in this time it is recommended that you highlight any of the issues found during your snagging list. 


After the two years, you will enter the Structural Insurance Period, in the period the developer will only be held responsible for major structural issues. These can be problems relating to the roof or foundations of the property, as well as anything else relating to the property’s structure. Any smaller problems will now be the responsibility of the buyer or homeowner. 


What Don’t New Build Warranties Cover? 

Often weather damage and any natural degrading of the property are not covered in a new build warranty. Also, any problems that are a result of you not maintaining the property will not be covered throughout the 10-year warranty cover. Depending on the provider, some condensation or damp issues may be covered. However, they will only be included if they are a direct result of the developers failing to comply with the warranty provider’s level of standards. You must read through your new build warranty before you agree to the sale.


About Home Snagging 

At Home Snagging, our experts have a keen eye and pay attention to the small details, meaning they often pick up on the snags that your property developer may have missed. Our reports ensure that your new home is built as you were promised, thanks to our training in defect prevention and consistent finish guides. With over 20 years of experience, we are a snagging company you can trust. Get in touch with our experts today by filling out our online enquiry form, or you can call us on 01302 961111. Follow us on Instagram for all of our home snagging and new build warranty tips!


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