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thermal imaging camera being used in snagging survey to check new build home

Thermal Imaging Cameras Used in Snagging Surveys

A thermal imaging camera is used in a variety of applications, including snagging surveys, to check to build insulation and potential heat loss. This helps you ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible. But why are thermal imaging cameras used in a snagging survey?

What is a Snagging Survey?

A snagging survey is intended to identify any problems with your new build property, whether they are internal or external. A snagging survey aims to find the problems that may have gone unnoticed by the buyer or the developer; these could be things that violate regulations to the developer by leaving something unfinished or of poor quality. Read our previous article to learn more about what you might find on a snagging list.

Why Use a Thermal Imaging Camera?

Thermal investigations can be useful in determining the root cause of a problem within a building. Not only can thermal imaging do this quickly and effectively, but it also does not waste precious time for everyone involved in the process. To detect insulation defects, building thermography relies on a high contrast between internal and external temperatures. The majority of our snagging surveys take place during the colder months or in the evenings after sunset.

Failures in Construction

By using thermal imaging to detect construction flaws, you can have these issues resolved before they potentially cause harm to people or property damage. The use of thermography means that the process is quicker, simpler, and more reliable and that you do not have to dig around for problems.


Thermal imaging cameras are also a great way to pin down damp areas so you can easily identify the source and fix the problem without missing any places.

Building Drying

Another reason for thermographic evaluations is to aid in the identification of water damage, whether on the inside or outside of the property. Moisture can cause health problems and property damage, so it must be detected and dealt with as soon as possible.

Leaks of Air

You might have not regarded using thermal imaging cameras to detect air leaks, but this is one of the thermography’s many applications. Because air leaks can be difficult to detect, these types of inspections should be considered if you want a warmer, more insulated home. This can also lead to a reduction in your energy costs, so detecting air leaks can save you money.

Flat Roof with Leak

Thermal imaging surveys can also be used to detect leaks in flat roofing before they are a major problem. Rather than stumbling around trying to figure out where all the water is coming from because even the littlest crack or hole can make a significant difference, thermal surveys make the whole process much easier.

Renovations to Building

If you want to improve any aspects of your property, use a thermal imaging camera to help you see what needs to be done. Thermography can assist in identifying problem areas, allowing you to avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary restorations.

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