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building developer and snagging inspector reviewing a new builds snagging list

What Should You Do If the Developer Refuses to Fix Snags?

When you purchase a new build home, you hope that everything will be ready in time for you to move in on completion day. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. At Home Snagging UK, our experts have made a guide on how to get issues fixed and what to do if your housing developer refuses to comply with the snags on the snagging list.

Obtain a Snagging List

Whether you write the snagging list yourself or hire a professional snagging service, it should cover anything from minor paint drips on window panes to more serious issues like sloppy and uneven brickwork. We recommend hiring a professional to create your snagging report to help you identify the issues that need to be fixed. A professional snagging inspector will recognise areas where developers have cut costs and work which does not conform with Building Regulations and Health and Safety laws. A professional snagging report will include photos and references to regulations to strengthen your case for corrective action.

Maintain a Communication Record

Make sure to include the customer service and site management teams in all correspondence regarding your sale. This ensures that it is monitored by multiple departments on the developer’s end. It also puts pressure on the developer to fix the problems and, hopefully, get your case on several target trackers. Make a note of everything you send and receive.

It is also critical to include agreed-upon actions and due dates to demonstrate whether issues were resolved when they were promised. Keep all before and after photos of any corrected work. If the work done did not resolve the problem or made it worse.

What should you do if the Developer continues to ignore the Snagging List?

All new build properties in the UK are covered by a new build warranty provider, who will ensure that any major flaws in your home are corrected. The good news is that snags will be fixed fairly and completely under this warranty.

To begin, contact the builder, who is responsible for fixing any flaws discovered within the first two years of the home’s completion. If the issue cannot be resolved, your warranty provider can assist with dispute resolution. They will contact the builder to see if they are willing to complete the job or if there is a disagreement.

If you and the builder disagree, the warranty provider’s claims investigator will meet with both you and the builder at the property to attempt to resolve the dispute. If corrective actions are needed, the provider will strive to publish a report within days that details its suggestions and timelines for the completion of such corrective actions.

To learn more about what your new build warranty covers, read our previous article.

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