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snag lists in new build kitchens

Common Snags Found in Kitchens

Moving into a new build is exciting. However, though you will be the first to live there, that doesn’t mean the property is without its faults. Snag lists are there to help you identify any cosmetic and minor defects that, without detection, may result in long-term costs. 

At Home Snagging, we previously went into the common snags found in lofts. Let’s take a look at some of the main issues found in kitchens and how a new build snagging list can help.


Doors and Windows

One of the most common snags found in new builds is one of the simplest. During a snagging list, a team of professional snaggers will assess the entire house, checking all doors and windows. 

In kitchens, it is important that there is good ventilation, especially when cooking. Professional snaggers will check that all windows and door frames are level, sealed and have no scratches on the paintwork or glass. The windows and doors should be able to shut and open without jamming, whilst also having no gaps around the sides. 

In the case of a cooking accident, it is important that the windows function correctly to let out any smoke and not cause any hazards throughout the house. During snag lists, these will all be checked thoroughly and if any defects are found, the snagging list can be passed back to the builders to be resolved. 



Running water is a basic necessity in new builds. It is important to ensure that all water is running efficiently and that proper plumbing is in order. When it comes to kitchens, snag lists will include assessing whether the taps are installed correctly, sealed and secured. 

Professional snaggers, when checking the property, will turn on all the taps to ensure that the water pressure is normal and there are no issues. They will also check the plumbing underneath the sink to see if there are any leaks which, without being spotted, would lead to future costs. 



Kitchen worktops take a beating. But, in a new build, you should not see any scratches or marks before you move in. Snag lists will ensure that all worktops are fixed properly to the side and are free from any type of damage. 

This includes opening and closing all cabinets and cupboards and ensuring they are hung correctly. Although builders will make sure the property meets all building regulations, this leaves room for errors or cosmetic defects. Snag lists may seem like an extra expense. However, without spotting these hidden snags, this may lead to various problems down the line. Which is not ideal, especially for first-time buyers. In most cases, when you hand your snagging list back to developers, under the new build warranty, the issues found should be fixed before your move-in date. Find out more about the new build warranty and what is included here. 


Appliances and Extractor Fan

In many new homes, appliances such as fridges and dishwashers are built into the kitchen sides. However, occasionally, these appliances may not be fitted correctly or may become damaged once installed. Professional snaggers will ensure that all appliances are clean, without damage and work properly before your move-in date. We will also make sure that there are relevant operating instructions in case of future breakdowns.

Cooking with high heat may lead to a lot of smoke in your kitchen. That’s why kitchens come with an extractor fan built in above the hob. During snag lists, our experienced team will ensure your fan is working correctly and has been fitted without damage. 


Why Get Snag Lists?

Buying a new build has various costs attached. So, you might be thinking “why should I get a snagging survey?” Though you can inspect the property yourself with your own checklist, there are certain snags that still go unnoticed. Snag lists are more than just walking around the house looking for shoddy paintwork. There are various defects that the new build could have and without spotting these, could lead to future costly problems.

That’s why it’s always recommended to hire a snagging survey service. Our professionals have experience in both property development and snagging. We understand how certain defects tend to go unnoticed, due to rushing or simple ignorance. For more information on our snagging inspections, click here. 


Home Snagging UK

At Home Snagging, we have experienced professional snaggers that pay attention to the smallest of details. Especially for first-time buyers, snag lists can give you peace of mind. All before the final purchase and to ensure there are no serious defects that can result in long-term costs.

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