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What to Consider When Moving into a New Build

When it comes to moving into a home, you want everything to go swimmingly. There are certain steps and considerations that should be made. A new build warranty is vitally important as it offers insurance for any modifications during the moving process.

But, what steps should you make before, during and after the move-in date? Find out below how Home Snagging UK can help. 


First Steps

Before signing any paperwork, it is important to ensure that preparations have been made. This includes a “new home demonstration” where you can arrange a visit to the new build and test various appliances and utilities such as the heating and fire alarms.

This allows homeowners to ensure the plans given are accurate to the actual home. If you spot anything, make a note and take photographic evidence to take back to the builder. Under the new build warranty, your builder should be able to fix these issues before the moving day.  


Before Moving In

Moving in can be a stressful time. Especially for new builds, there are a variety of elements that should be completed. Factors such as ensuring you have your internet set up, your new postcode is registered and your bins ordered are important steps that sometimes are overlooked. But, make sure these are sorted before the move-in date so that future stresses can be avoided.

Although the new build will meet all building regulations, certain cosmetic defects can go unnoticed. In these situations, a snagging survey can help detect any issues, comprised in a comprehensive report to be handed back to the builders. A snagging list is an examination done on new builds to detect any problems or “snags,” such as chipped paint or missing door handles. You can utilise the list of problems you’ve created to ask the developer to address them before you purchase the property. Find out more about what is a snagging survey here. 


Check Paperwork and New Build Warranty

Also, ensure that you check your paperwork beforehand so that no future problems arise. This includes a copy of your new build warranty (NHBC) and other new home policy documents. 

A new build warranty guarantees certain insurance for your new property. In the first two years of ownership, specific defects and issues must be resolved by the developer. For more information on a new build warranty, read our previous blog here.


What Happens After You Move In?

But, what afterwards? Just because you have moved in doesn’t mean that’s the end of the story. Whether you have performed your own snagging list or have hired a team of professional snaggers, it is important to ensure any defects discovered have been resolved. The immediate snags should be dealt with before these become future issues. Make sure you hand your snagging list to your developer, as your new build warranty legally obliges them to fix certain snags. 

Why not consider a de-snagging inspection? This is a further snagging survey that reassesses the new build to see if any of these issues are still present. Find out more about de-snagging inspections here. 


Home Snagging UK

At Home Snagging UK, we have over 20 years of experience in the snagging industry and new build development. Our experts have a keen eye and pay attention to the smallest details that otherwise may go unnoticed. We offer advice to our customers, including what is covered within their new build warranty.

For more information, or to receive a quote, fill in our form here. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with our latest services and home snagging tips. 

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