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Common Snags Found in Lofts By Professional Snaggers

Through contemporary properties, there has been an increased value in having a loft space. Whether this is for extra storage or to convert into an extra room. Lofts have become highly sought after on the property market. However, they’re not without their flaws and have their own particular snags that should be spotted as early as possible by professional snaggers.

But, what common snags can be found?

Find out more at Home Snagging; a snagging company that goes the extra mile and pays attention to the smallest of details.  

External Brickwork

But, what about the exterior of your loft? Professional snaggers will inspect exterior elements as well. Including the brickwork. They will check whether the bricks are level and smooth, or if any of the bricks are chipped or damaged. If these defects aren’t noticed until after you’ve moved in, this can cause substantial costs in repairs, not to mention an eye-sore once you notice it.

This is why a snagging list is ideal for first-time buyers who want to be assured that the price they have paid is worth it. Once the snags have been identified and reported by a snagging company, you can take these defects back to the property construction developers so they can be fixed before moving in.

Roof Bracings

Roof bracings have a pretty obvious name. They are applied to the ceiling of your loft to firmly brace the roof to the structure of the building. It is important that these are installed correctly, otherwise, long-term damages could ensue. All of which would lower the value of your property if you were to sell in the future.

If these issues are not spotted, this could result in long-term leaks. Excess water can then soak the roof supports, or even cause defects such as rot and mould growth. That is why it is important for a professional snagging inspector to fully examine all aspects of the property.

Insulation Snags

Especially in a new build, loft insulation can be incorrectly applied and consequently, lose heat. This, in turn, can drive up energy bills, as you will be more inclined to turn the heating on higher to compact the cold. Insulation is a basis in every modern property. However, sometimes it can be overlooked by property developers, who are only concerned with meeting building regulations. Without proper insulation, new homeowners may be faced with long-term costs to not only fix these issues but also, an increased energy bill.

Professional snaggers will inspect the entire house, including the interior, exterior and loft space. Insulation defects in the loft are one of the most common snags an inspection can identify. Hire professional snaggers to ensure that your new build has no hidden unfortunate surprises when you move in.

Thermal Imaging Camera

There are many benefits to including thermal imaging cameras in a snagging inspection. For example, in certain situations where dampness is involved, it can be hard finding the root of the problem and which particular areas need to be dealt with. However, these cameras can easily identify these locations and allow property developers to fix the problem before the move-in date. In lofts, as aforementioned, there can be insulation snags. Therefore, a thermal imaging camera will be able to spot which parts of the loft are faulty.

At Home Snagging, our professional snaggers use the latest technology in thermal imagery to help us spot certain snags that otherwise would go unnoticed. The equipment wastes no time and detects any insulation defects throughout each room. Whether this is poor ventilation through faulty windows or heat being released in lofts. The thermal imagery camera will be able to find any major concerns between internal and external temperatures. For more information, read our previous blog here.

Home Snagging UK

At Home Snagging, we have experienced professional snaggers that pay attention to the smallest of details. Specifically for first-time buyers, a snagging list can give you peace of mind. All before final purchase and to ensure there are no serious defects that can result in long-term costs.

For more information, or to see how our team of professional snaggers can help, fill in our online enquiry form here. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and find out why you should get a snagging inspection for your new build property.

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