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How a Snagging List Can Help You This Winter

When it comes to a snagging list, all aspects of a new build home are inspected for minor and cosmetic defects that could potentially cause long-term damage in the future. But, how can a snagging list help you during the upcoming colder months?


As we are all aware, the UK is part of an ongoing energy crisis, involving the energy price cap continuously increasing. The government’s energy cap will increase from October the 1st, so annual bills will cost around £3,549 for the average household.


How can a snagging survey help save energy costs and lower bills? 


Snagging surveys inspect the entirety of the home for minor and cosmetic defects. This includes all appliances, such as radiators and pipework. In the colder months, radiators may frequently be turned on to heat up rooms. However, if there is a fault with the actual radiator, where there is a leak, rooms will not get the benefit of this and homeowners may be more inclined to further turn the heat up or turn on a different heating device. 


Within a snagging inspection, radiators will be turned on and tested to ensure all appliances are in working order. This includes cosmetic snags, such as ensuring the radiator is free from damage and paint splashes. But, to help manage the costs of heating bills, if radiators are found to be leaking, this will be reported in the snagging list to be rectified by the development company.


The foundation of any modern home is insulation. Property developers, who are only interested in adhering to building requirements, occasionally fail to take this into consideration. Without enough insulation, new homeowners may have to pay more, in the long run, to not only remedy these problems but also their increased energy bill.


Instead, consider a snagging survey. Our team of experts will inspect the entire house, including loft spaces where insufficient insulation is a common defect.

Windows and Doors

Improperly fitted or damaged windows or doors may be the last thing you anticipate in a brand-new house, but they are really rather frequent. However, this is not just limited to cosmetic imperfections, where the doors and windows become scratched.


Frequently, windows and doors in new builds may have gaps between the frame. Without properly sealed windows and doors, there is a danger of the new build letting heat escape, which is not ideal for the colder months. If heat is being let out, homeowners will more than likely turn their heating up and increase their cost of living severely. 


A snagging list will detect any defects, such as all the windows being completely sealed and that doors have no gaps. After the survey, pass on the new build snagging list to the builders who, under the new home warranty, will rectify these issues before your move-in date. 

Thermal Imaging Camera

If these snags are not detected, homeowners are more likely to turn their heating onto a higher temperature and therefore, save on heating bills. But, how do you ensure these are found? Thermal imaging cameras are one of the most efficient methods of finding the root of the problem within new build homes. They will detect any irregularities in temperature, which the team of snaggers can then add to a snagging list and pass on to developers.   


At Home Snagging, we offer an additional extra thermal scan with each of our snagging surveys. As part of our “Silver Inspections”, the thermal scan will monitor if there are any heat deficiencies within the property. For an additional £35, be certain that your new build is not letting any heat out this winter and cut down on severe heating bills. Find out more about our thermal scans here. 

Home Snagging UK

Here at Home Snagging, our team has experience in both the snagging industry and in building development. We understand how certain defects can go undetected and, if not rectified, can cause future problems. It is important that once the survey is completed, to hand the snagging list onto 


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