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How Does Aerial Photography Help in a New Build Snagging Survey?

Professional snaggers will cover both the interior and exterior of a property when undertaking a snagging survey. Though typically the interior has little risk, the exterior can be different. There can be a wide range of factors, including the shape of the house and weather conditions, that act as obstacles when conducting a snagging list. So, how can aerial photography help?

Find out more about aerial photography from Home Snagging UK and why we offer the service with our new build snagging surveys.

What is Aerial Photography?

Any photographic image that is captured using an airborne device is referred to as aerial photography. These images can be taken by several devices, including aircraft, helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles such as drones. Aerial photography is one of the more popular types of remote sensing by measuring a location’s properties from a distance

These aerial images frequently rank among the easiest ways to transmit data and are useful in a variety of businesses. Although they are particularly accurate so should not use them for surveying purposes, a home snagging survey can actually benefit from aerial photography.

Who Can Benefit From Roofing Snagging Surveys?

First-Time Buyers

Buying a home will probably be the biggest investment a person will make in their life. So, it is important that snags are identified and dealt with before the move-in date. Without a new build snagging survey, homeowners may face costly long-term issues that may result in various repairs. Instead, using aerial photography and thermal imaging camera, these common defects can be spotted and dealt with quickly.

Construction Companies

Roofing surveys can also benefit large-scale construction sites and assist with quality control. These visual references can aid stakeholders and other investors who want confirmation of the development process.

This is not a home snagging situation and needs to be organised by the property development company. However, if these surveys are undertaken at this stage, there is less chance of common snags occurring later.

Common Snags

In a previous blog, we talked about the most common defects found in a new build snagging survey. But, what snags can be found using aerial technology?

Roof Condition

Though exterior inspections will take place without the need for aerial photography, there is a chance the visible eye will miss certain details. Even when the snagging company have years of experience. And that’s where aerial photography can help.

The drone is piloted by a qualified individual who will be able to take pictures of the isolated areas. For which common snags occur. The device will find any roofing issues; ensure that all the bricks are in unison and there are no external issues. The photos will be timestamped and provide clear evidence of how severe the snag is.


Through aerial photography, common guttering defects can be spotted and sorted. This can include any clogged or blocked guttering or pipes that are not properly attached and fitted. If this guttering system is not correctly connected, this can cause long-term costs. However, once a snagging company identifies this defect, new homeowners can go back to the property developer, who can then get a roofer to solve the problem.

Home Snagging UK

All of these property elements will be inspected and reported on in a snagging list. Once spotted, these snags can help determine the value of a property and whether the price that has been asked is worth it. Find a snagging company that will be able to help.

At Home Snagging, our team of professional snaggers have experience with property developers and common snags that can happen even in new builds. That’s why we use the latest technological advancements, such as aerial photography and thermal imaging camera, to ensure that there are no hidden defects once you move in.

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