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common snags in new builds

What Are the Most Common Snags in New Builds?

Snags refer to minor flaws or defects that still exist in your property after construction is finished. Typically, it is something that is either broken, not fitting properly or appears unfinished; for example, a scratch on a window or a door missing a hinge.

So, what about new build snags? A new-build snagging survey can ensure first-time buyers that they are getting their money’s worth on a property and cut long-term repair costs. Find out what the most common snags are and how a snagging survey can help.

Windows and Doors

Commonly, although the property is a new build, there will still be snags that were overlooked when construction was taking place. Yes, the build will meet regulations and will be structurally sound. However, smaller defects may have gone unnoticed, as builders will not go check these details thoroughly. And this includes the windows and doors.

A snagging list will ensure that all the windows and doors open and close properly; make sure there are no cracks on the windows; if all the locks and latches are working properly and fire safety regulations (in regard to fire doors and window escape routes) are present and met. Professional snaggers will scan the property and ensure the property meets these requirements so that when you move in, no unfortunate small surprises are awaiting.

There is also equipment available so that no snags go unmissed. Our home snagging company uses a thermal imaging camera that can detect any internal and external insulation defects. So, if there are trickle vents present or a gap between the door and its frame, we will be able to find it and help you reduce future energy costs.

Leaky Pipes

To ensure that your radiators, toilets, sinks, washing machines, and bathtubs function properly, it’s important to maintain the interior plumbing. In certain situations, you may see a few water drops on your carpet, wood, or laminate flooring.

At Home Snagging, we’ve heard our fair share of leak snags stories. Sometimes hearing where leaks destroy significant portions of a new house if they are not remedied right away, which makes the situation worse when the issue is disguised. Professional snaggers will check if all the pipes are secure and free from leaks and if the walls surrounding the pipes are good and sound.


Decorative problems in the home, such as peeling paint or poor plastering, can be expensive to remedy and turn off potential buyers. Has everywhere been decorated? Including skirting boards and the underside of window sills.

Replastering a room can cost up to £700. While a fresh coat of paint might cost up to £200 each day. To ensure you catch everything, decorative inspections should always be carried out in broad daylight and at a distance of two metres from the surface.

Brick Work

But, it’s not just interior. Snags also include the exterior of the new build and that there are no defects on the outside. Are the bricks straight and level? Is there no putty or mortar on the brickwork? Do any bricks have cracks or other damage?

Irregular brickwork pointing can, over time, lead to water and frost damage and dampness. A new-build snagging survey will include an examination of the exteriors and answer these questions.

Our Snagging Company

At Home Snagging, our team of professional snaggers pay attention to the smallest of details. With experience in building houses, we know the tricks of the trade and how certain builders will try to deceive you. Especially first-time buyers. That’s why we offer new home snagging services so that you are 100% certain of the price you are paying. We will find all the snags before it’s too late!

For more information on our snagging surveys, or to see how we can help you, fill in our online enquiry form here. Why not follow us on Instagram andFacebook and see what we do directly to your feed?

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