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Snagging List: What to Look Out For

A snagging list is a common occurrence that ensures a property has no hidden defects and is structurally sound. But, what factors should you look out for when a snagging report is undertaken? Find out more from a professional snagging company. 

What is a Snagging List?

No matter how old the property is, or even when it comes to new build inspections, there is a high chance it will contain snags. Snags refer to any defects that are a result of building and construction. This does not mean that the property is not safe, or does not meet current building regulations. Snags primarily consist of visual functional and decorative elements of the home. So, although some may be small faults, in the future, these could result in long-term costs.


It’s why many homeowners, especially first-time buyers, will undergo a snagging list. During this period, professional snaggers will survey the entire property, including interior and exterior in search of any hidden snags. 


In new build inspections, paintwork can often go overlooked. Especially when builders and developers are focusing primarily on keeping the property within regulations. This means that parts of your home may have rough spots and areas that are not to the same standard.


A snagging list can help in these situations. Professional snaggers will review the entire inside of your home and monitor any deficiencies within the paintwork. If there are any rough spots, these walls will need sanding down and repainting. 


It is vital that all the utilities are tested and work properly. For the heating system, check if any of the radiators fail to warm up evenly. If not, this may mean that they will need to be bled. The same goes for the plumbing. Professional snaggers will run all the taps to see if they are working and that the hot tap heats up efficiently. 


Through a snagging list, the team will also be able to check that all lighting fittings are secure and that the electric sockets are functional. This can be achieved by using a plug-in night light in all sockets to ensure everything is working. 


In kitchens, there are a vast number of defects that can be found with a snagging list. Make sure to check that all of the cabinet drawers and doors open and close easily. Have all the shelves been installed correctly in their proper locations? Have the tiles been grouted? Is the kitchen sink sealed? 


Though homeowners can undergo snagging inspections themselves, there is a chance that hidden defects may go undetected. Not spotting these snags can result in long-term costs, so why risk it? A snagging company are able to efficiently create a snagging list to help you with your property. For more information on the most common snags found in new build inspections, read our previous blog here

Can Builders Refuse to Fix Snags?

Once the snagging list has been undertaken by professional snaggers, and a report has been given back to you, it is time to hand these over to your homebuilder or developer. Most of the time, that is the end. The home builder will take these snags into consideration and fix these defects. However, what about when homebuilders question the responsibility of the defects?


There is a chance the builder may contest some of the defects that the snagging list has uncovered. However, if the alleged flaw does not adhere to the warranty’s requirements, they have an obligation to make things right. In other situations, you may have to negotiate with builders so they deal with serious issues. If you have any questions about the snagging list, make sure to speak with your professional snaggers to understand which snags should be prioritised.

Home Snagging UK

At Home Snagging, our team of professional snaggers have years of expertise in conducting new build inspections and creating a snagging list. All whilst getting the best value for your money and our snag lists are an efficient way to identify any potential defects that over time, can result in long-term costs.


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