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What to do if the Builder Refuses to Fix Snags

If a snagging list has uncovered certain defects that need to be rectified, it is primarily the house builder’s job to ensure these are resolved before the move-in date. However, occasionally, these requests may get ignored or rejected, due to varying factors.


So, what should you do in these situations? Find out here at Home Snagging UK.

Get a Snagging List

Though you may believe that new builds do not require a snagging survey, this is simply not true. Builders will ensure that the property meets all building requirements. However, when it comes to cosmetic or minor snags, these defects typically go unnoticed. This includes paint drips and dodgy brickwork, for example.


To ensure that the home has none of these issues, it is important to undergo a snagging survey before you move in. Otherwise, this may lead to future problems. A snagging list identifies any defects, resulting in a concise list that is then passed back to the developers to rectify. 


Though there is nothing stopping you from performing your own snagging list, there is a chance you may miss minor defects. Instead, a professional snagging company will perform a comprehensive inspection. This can include the latest technology (drone inspections and thermal imaging cameras), photos and reference regulations.

Keep a Record Of Every Interaction

All communication between homeowners and development teams should be recorded. Make sure also that the site management and customer service staff are copied in. This guarantees that it is monitored by several departments on the developer’s end. It forces the developer to fix the problems and, ideally, places your case on several target trackers. 


After a snagging survey has been passed on to the developer, there may be some back and forth on which issues they will fix. Include these agreed-upon actions and deadlines to demonstrate whether problems were fixed when they were supposed to be. All before and after images of any corrected work should be kept. 

De-Snagging Report

Once you have passed a snagging list onto your builder, it is up to them to rectify the issues highlighted. Especially if they are covered in the new build warranty. However, these repairs may cause further damage to the property and uncover other issues. Or, there’s a chance the builder or development team have not fixed these snags that were outlined.


A de-snagging report is an additional inspection of the property to ensure that the snags that were identified have been resolved. Our professional snaggers will re-survey the property and identity any further defects and ensure issues have been rectified. This again will be sent back to the developer after completion. 

NHBC New Build Warranties

All newly constructed homes in the UK are covered by a warranty provider who will make sure that any significant flaws are fixed. The NHBC’s Buildmark warranty, which covers almost 80% of all newly constructed homes, is the largest in the UK. The good news is that faults mostly are fixed under the terms of this guarantee.


Within the first two years after the home’s construction, get in touch with the builder, who is in charge of fixing any issues. If there is a dispute between you and the builder, an NHBC Claims Investigator will visit with you and the builder on the site to try to work things out. If corrective actions are necessary, the NHBC will try to publish a report in four days that details its suggestions and deadlines for finishing such corrective actions.

Unresolved Claims

You can file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service if your snagging list hasn’t been resolved after eight weeks. Or, if you do not agree with the NHBC Claims Investigator’s findings. 

Home Snagging UK

At Home Snagging, our professional snaggers have experience in both property development and snagging. We want to ensure that homeowners are not being duped into a new build with various issues, especially minor snags that may become a problem over time. 


For more information on our snagging surveys, fill in our form here. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see the latest projects and services we provide directly to your feed. 


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