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What Does a Snagging Survey Cover in a Garden?

When it comes to a snagging survey, it is important to understand what exactly will be covered during the process. Many homeowners might think this is just a review of interior elements. However, our snagging inspections include a full sweep of the entire property, including the exteriors, drive and garden areas.


For new build inspections, the garden may be the least of your concerns, as many homeowners will want to make it their own anyway once they have moved in. It’s why, if there are any snags in the garden, they often go overlooked. This can lead to long-term expenses and a damaged lawn.


Find out here what a snagging survey looks for when examining gardens. 


Professional snaggers will review the fencing around the property to make sure that there are no defects. This includes ensuring that the fences and outside walls are built sturdily, as they keep the home secure and create boundaries for the homeowners.


Our team will make sure there are no holes in the wood. Fences have the chance of growing mould and damaging the wood. That’s why, when we conduct a snagging survey, our team checks that every fence is in good condition. 


Even while mature trees may enhance the appearance of a garden, there are various factors a snagging survey will address.


The trees planted close to the property will be at the top of the list. Large trees can damage drainage systems and break foundations as they have extensive root systems that can pierce them. Even worse, trees may also rob the ground of moisture during dry spells, causing movement and subsidence. 


Due to their reputation for having unusually lengthy roots, trees such as oaks, willows and poplars will be checked throughout a snagging survey, to ensure these defects are addressed.

What is Included in a Snagging Survey?

For a snagging survey, our team of professional snaggers will survey the entire property. A snagging survey will look at both the interior and exterior of the home. This includes examining the roof, walls, tiles, grouting, windows, doors, plumbing, electrics, stairs, floors, heating, pipework and garden space.  


It will check for everything and anything, including cracks, damages, and high-quality finishes; decorative flaws in woodwork, paint, and tiling; chips and scratches in surfaces and glass; and whether all appliances, plug sockets, lighting, and heating are functioning; whether taps and showers are not dripping; whether surfaces are level and clean; whether fittings are properly installed and functioning; and whether doors and windows open and close properly.

Do I Need a Snagging Survey?

Though they are not a legal requirement, we always recommended first-time buyers undergo a snagging survey, especially for new builds. You might be the first people to live in the house, however, during the building process, there are many aspects that go underlooked. This includes new builds.


Building developers will ensure a new build meets all building regulations, however, not as much focus will be given to cosmetics. This can lead to various snags that without being fixed, can result in long-term costs. That is why a snagging survey can address these defects quickly, so that you can pass these details onto the builder.

Home Snagging UK

Here at Home Snagging, our professional snaggers pay attention to the smallest of details. We have experience as both snaggers and building developers, so we understand that certain defects can go unnoticed before the new homeowners move in. There are many benefits for a new build to undergo a snagging survey, which should be completed during the development process and before final payment has been made.


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