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Should I Get a Thermal Scan With My Snagging Survey?

During a snagging survey, there are various tools that snaggers can use to determine any defects with a property. To ensure that there are no heat issues or other snags within homes, thermal imaging cameras should be considered to assist the survey and accurately discover any defects. So, should you consider a thermal scan with your snagging survey? Find out more here. 

Efficiently Find Thermal Discrepancies

The main purpose of a thermal scan is to quickly and accurately find any discrepancies with heat in the property. Especially in new-build inspections, there is a chance that these snags will go unnoticed by homebuilders, who will only be focusing on ensuring the house meets regulations. However, the most common snags include gaps around windows and doors and poor insulation in loft spaces.


In a snagging survey, our team can utilise a thermal imaging camera to quickly scan the property and find any signs that outside air is entering the home. These areas that are causing heat loss will be added to a snagging list. Then, these details can be passed on to the builders to be fixed before final completion. 

Detect Electrical Faults

It’s also crucial to recognise a power outage’s warning signs before it’s too late. A thermal imaging camera can help professional snaggers locate overloaded or overheated circuits and determine whether a motor has failed. Our snagging survey includes both interior, exterior and other utilities including electric wirings. Undetected power failures are likely to result without these snags being spotted.


Therefore, thermal imaging cameras can swiftly scan and measure the temperature distribution across the full surface of electrical and mechanical systems. For a snagging survey, one of the main benefits of a thermal imaging camera is that it can quickly spot these deficiencies. So, once the snagging list is complete, these snags can be given back to the homebuilders to be fixed. 

Uncover Hidden Snags

Over the years, we have discovered there can be a high amount of snags found that otherwise would have gone undetected. Especially in new build inspections. Even though these defects are primarily small and cosmetic, if not fixed straight away, they can cause expenses further in the future. 


It’s why many homeowners turn to a snagging survey for their property. Professional snaggers will survey the property, both inside and outside to ensure that there are no hidden defects that would have been missed otherwise. And a thermal scan can only improve this process. A thermal imaging camera is a great and efficient way to spot any defects in rooms. The process and snagging survey can be made much quicker and much more accurate with the latest technology.  

Our Snagging Survey Packages

Depending on your budget, specifications and size of the property, at Home Snagging, we offer various packages that differ in detail and price. And this includes an additional fee of £30+ for a thermal scan option.


As aforementioned, a thermal scan can have multiple benefits to the inspection process. With the latest technology, it can detect the abnormality with heat and professional snaggers can quickly spot if any heat is being let out. Especially in rooms such as lofts, which may suffer from poor insulation. Therefore, for new homeowners, a thermal scan alongside a snagging survey can offer solid peace of mind. In addition to full confidence that there will be no hidden long-term costs awaiting after the move-in date. 

Home Snagging Survey 

At Home Snagging, our team of professional snaggers have years of expertise in new build inspections and property development. We understand how certain defects and snags can go unnoticed before homeowners move in. That’s why we perform a detailed snagging survey in houses of all sizes. Based in Doncaster, we are not limited to the South Yorkshire region. We also cover areas such as Manchester, Lincoln and Birmingham. 


For more information, fill in our form and see how we can help you. Or, follow us on Instagram and stay up-to-date with our latest snagging survey services. 

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