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What Are the Pros and Cons of a New Build?

Moving into a home is one of the biggest steps and challenges a person will go through. So, it’s important that considerations are made before deciding on a final property. When it comes to new builds, many potential buyers may believe that no work will need to be done as it is brand new and exclusively yours. However, a new build snagging survey can help identify any defects and minor snags as you move in. 


At Home Snagging, we are here to break down the key benefits of choosing new builds and certain disadvantages that you should be aware of. 

Pro: Chain Free

The fact that you won’t be buying into a chain is one of the main benefits of purchasing new construction. You will not have to wait for anyone to move out of the property. This means that as soon as your end of the chain is completed, and your finances are all together, you can complete the purchase and move in as soon as you can.

Pro: a Blank Canvas

Who doesn’t love a fresh start? A new build allows homeowners to make the space their own. Certain developers even give them options on fixtures, finishings and floorings. Especially with first-time buyers, this may be an appealing quality and something they are looking for in their searches. 


A new build snagging survey is a perfect way to establish that you are getting what you are paying. Certain snags and defects will potentially go unnoticed by builders and buyers. Yet, if these are not found, over time, they can lead to long-term costs. For example, if there are gaps in windows and doors, this can lead to high heating costs due to poor energy efficiency. With new build inspections, however, these snags will not go undetected and can be passed back onto the developer to be resolved. 

Pro: New Build Warranties

All newly constructed homes are constructed in accordance with the most recent industry standards, and many developers provide warranties or insurance on the houses they build. The National House Building Council offers a 10-year warranty on all new build properties, providing new owners with peace of mind in the event that something goes wrong. 


In the first two years of owning a new build, the property developer legally has to resolve any problems or fix any defects or snags. For this, a new build snagging survey is ideal. This is because what is found in the snagging list can be passed on to your builders to be sorted efficiently. After two years, the developer is only responsible for major structural issues. So, it is important to undergo new build inspections before it’s too late.

Con: Questionable Build Quality

Although new builds must legally meet the latest specifications and building regulations, this can also leave room for error. Especially with the large number of new builds that are developed each year. Certain developers use cheaper materials so they can ensure a profit during the building process. This can include stud walls, which offer faulty insulation and lead to other defects.


Therefore, a new build snagging survey should always be considered. Just because the property has not been lived in before, does not mean it’s without faults. That’s why professional snaggers are here to survey the entire new build, including interiors and exteriors, to ensure there are no snags that if left unattended, will cause long-term problems.    

Home Snagging UK

Here at Home Snagging, our team of professionals are here to help make moving in as easy as possible. Though you may think new builds will be without flaws, this is not true. Many cosmetic and minor snags may go unnoticed by builders or developers. That’s why we offer new build inspections for homeowners across the country. 


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