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are snag surveys worth it

Are Snag Surveys Worth It?

At Home Snagging, we understand the importance of snagging surveys and how they can ease the minds’ of new buyers. Buying a home is possibly the largest long-term investment you will ever make in your life. So, you want to be sure that everything is perfect! That’s where snag surveys come in.


But, are they worth it? Find out more from a team of professional snaggers. 

What is Snagging?

Snag surveys are specifically designed to identify any problems with your newly constructed home. These could range from minor or major. Inside or outside. A snagging surveyor will visually evaluate your house to spot any issues that might not be completed or finished to the desired standard, violate building regulations or fall short of warranty requirements. 


Typically, homebuyers would schedule the snagging survey right before the completion date. By doing this, the developer will have a chance to address any problems before you move in and eliminate any chance that they can blame you for the issues.

Should I get a Snag Survey?

You might be thinking: “can’t I just inspect the property myself?” Save yourself some money. And, although nothing is stopping you, you may actually end up spending more money down the line fixing issues that were not spotted straight away.


A snag survey is more than just walking around the house and making sure it looks nice. Professional snaggers will implement their knowledge of current building regulations and ensure the house is safe before purchase. They will spot any problems early and give homebuyers the chance to fix or negotiate down the price. 

Typical Issues Found

Poor finishes, such as untidy paintwork and plaster, damaged or chipped interior or exterior surfaces, ill-fitting doors and windows, and improperly installed or even missing fixtures are some of the problems that are frequently found in snagging surveys. 


They also detect issues like broken roof tiles, missing pointing, and insufficient ventilation, which are typically invisible to most people. All of these factors have the potential to detract from the excitement of moving into your new house and eventually result in significant problems that would cost a lot of money to fix. As well as the inconvenience of having to live through the building works.


New Build Snagging Survey

Make sure the builder of your newly constructed home provides you with a 10-year warranty. You won’t require a homebuyer’s survey if you have this. Before finalising the acquisition of your new build, it is suggested that you obtain a snag survey.


A snagging survey will prevent you from moving into a home that has numerous minor concerns that you will need to address. As you will need to show the problem was the developer’s error and not your own. Make sure you use a reputable snagging company.

Home Snagging

Here at Home Snagging, our team of professional snaggers pay attention to the smallest of details. With experience in building houses, we know the tricks of the trade and how some housebuilders will try to deceive you. Especially first-time buyers. That’s why our new build snagging survey is ideal for you! You want to be 100% certain of the price you are paying and that’s why Home Snagging is here to help!

For more information on our snag surveys, or to see how we can help you, fill in our online enquiry form here. Why not follow us on Instagram and Facebook and see what we do directly to your feed?

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