Many people are attracted to the idea of buying a new build house, which they will be the first to occupy. A well-constructed new home certainly has plenty of advantages, such as a good state of repair, and a high level of energy efficiency. However, not all residential developments are built to the same standards.

Here are some points to consider if you are thinking of viewing or purchasing a new-build property.


  1. Research the reputation of the developer

Look up the developers online and try and get a sense of how well regarded they are. Pick up on any news stories in the local press about homebuyers reporting issues with their properties. Find out if there are any forums online where the workmanship or attitude of the company is discussed. These are not 100% reliable, but it’s good to be aware of them.


  1. Remember the show home may have differences

You may be shown around an immaculate show house, but this won’t be the actual property you buy. If it is a different size or style to the home you are looking for, ask to view a similar property on the site, or at another recent development. Viewing examples of earlier sites, and talking to the residents about their experience of living there can be very useful.


  1. Instruct an independent solicitor

Large developers often have pushy sales teams who may pressure you into using their in-house conveyancers, who may overlook any issues in order to make a sale. However, it’s always best to appoint an independent solicitor who will not be swayed to produce a quick result, and will pick up on anything that is not in your own best interests.


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