The government is on a drive to build thousands of homes all over the country, but only a quarter of prospective house-buyers would be confident in the overall finish of a new-build property.

This is according to a study by Insinkerator, which asked 270 households across the UK what they thought about new-build homes.

It found that only 24 per cent would be satisfied with the final product, while 26 per cent were not confident the building would last and 29 per cent would not feel assured about the quality of the construction, York Press reported.

Therefore, it concluded that property developers need to do more to encourage homebuyers to consider new-builds as an investment that is regarded as value-for-money. 

An area of the country where modern homes are popular, however, is York, with the newspaper revealing it is one of the most in-demand locations for this type of residence. The data found there were 1,766 searches for new-build homes per 100,000 annually. 

Leeds, also in Yorkshire, also made it into the top ten, with people living in the city keen on purchasing new developments. 

While there are advantages to buying brand new houses, it is not surprising there is low confidence in this type of property, as several problems are particularly common with new-build homes. These include blocked guttering, decorative snags such as poor finish, pointing on the brickwork, poorly-fitted doors or windows, and sealant issues. 

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