If you’re buying a new build home, you’ll likely be told to check for ‘snagging defects’ before moving in. These checks will allow you to check for minor repairs, such as chipped paint and unhinged kitchen cupboards, and can save you thousands in repairs in the long run, if, for example, you later discover a poorly fitted window that has a draft.

According to Property Reporter, a mere 2 per cent of new-build homes reach the market without any snags, meaning that the other 98 per cent of new builds face a variety of snags of varying severity. It means it is important for new build home buyers to know what to look for when performing a check for themselves.

If you’re buying a new build, here are the most common defects being found across inspections and the potential cost of rectifying these issues.


  1. Blocked Guttering

Generally caused due to poor fitting or missing sections, and can cost around £30 per metre to repair.


  1. Sealant inconsistencies

Mastic sealant issues are generally found in the kitchen or bathroom, and a poor finish not only looks terrible but can lead to water ingress and damp. You could be looking at £30 per hour to get it professionally fixed.


  1.  Decorative issues

Decorative snags are common and range from poor overall finishes to issues with finer details. It is usually down to poor plastering, and re-plastering a room can cost up to £700.


  1. Brickwork pointing

Poor pointing is another big issue when it comes to new build homes and apart from the obvious aesthetic issues, over time it can lead to water ingress, frost damage and damp. It also costs from around £20 a square metre to rectify.


  1. Windows and doors

Ill-fitted or damaged doors and windows are surprisingly common. A replacement door starts at £120 to fit, while windows can be as much as £200 per window and surface repair companies can cost upwards of £200 per day.


If you’re looking for a new home snagging inspection, get in touch today!